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McClosky Technique

Our flagship program, offered every summer since 1982.  This four day intensive program alternates lectures with small-group work on individual vocal technique.  An opening night BBQ and a faculty recital are included!  Usually offered mid-summer 

in several locations.


July 7-10

Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville, AL

July 18-21

Salem State University, Salem, MA


Science meets Art in this seminar, where you will learn techniques that both enhance healthy voices

and benefit troubled voices.  This is a four-day intensive class in which lectures alternate with small-group sessions on vocal technique.  


The small group sessions are unique to our program. In a safe, supportive atmosphere, participants learn the fundamentals of the McClosky Technique thoroughly, so they can "take it home with them" and continue their work.  For most participants, this is the heart of the program, where they begin to hear changes in their own voices and in the voices of the other participants. 


The lectures present a thorough introduction to vocal technique, vocal health, approaches to different styles of music, and the changing needs of the singer and speaker throughout life.  Topics include:


  • Biomechanics of the Voice: The relationship of breath, vocal fold function, and resonance

  • Healthy Voice Production: The McClosky approach through posture, breathing, and relaxation of key muscle groups

  • Care of the Mature Voice: Appropriate vocal hygiene as the voice matures

  • Common Voice Disorders: A review and discussion, usually with an M.D.

  • Relationship of Speech and Singing: Demonstration and practice of careful voice use

  • Popular Styles: A healthy approach to contemporary music

  • Training the Developing Voice: Using the McClosky technique with young singers


A faculty recital is included so participants can see how the technique works in performance.  


For more details, please download our typical schedule

  • Professional singers: refine your technique and pick up new teaching ideas.

  • Amateur singers: learn good vocal habits, and lay a solid vocal foundation that will improve tone, stamina, and longevity.

  • Classroom teachers: learn techniques to support all-day voice use without pain or undue effort. 

  • Speech-language pathologists: pick up new tools for working with singers, and learn how the McClosky Technique can be applied clinically for hyperfunctional disorders.   


"The most important thing I learned was how to discover my hidden voice. WOW!" 


“I feel freedom in my voice that I have never felt.
I am also excited about teaching this technique with my choral students”


"Super personal attention! Just what I wanted!! I can’t wait to see how I progress."


"I learned a great deal! This has changed my entire way of producing sound! My students (and I) will benefit greatly."


"I am extremely encouraged that I can sing again!"


"Fabulous material, accessible, very clear and well communicated throughout."


"I am amazed at the differences I have seen in myself and everyone else."


"I've been told to let go of tension so many times, but this is the first time I've been told how!" 


"One of the things I liked best about this seminar was the group of participants. Everyone brought with them different backgrounds, different levels of experience, and different interests. It was good to see [the instructor] work with everyone where they were. This group was very supportive and a lot of fun!" 


"All of the faculty were wonderful and so positive and supportive! I will definitely be recommending this course to others! Yay vocal freedom!" 


"I have had several of the six steps of relaxation in snippets from various voice teachers. I liked that MIV pressented these steps in a systematic manner. I plan on using them with my voice students in the fall." 


"One of the best features of this workshop is the individual, practical application of the basic techniques, as well as opportunity to respond to previous lectures." 


"I really appreciate this opportunity to help my voice begin a journey to further healing." 


"This workshop was WONDERFUL. Although initially I was frustrated with the speed we were going, I now realize the exponentially important foundation we were laying! I will recommend this to any singers I know!" 


"I feel that I've got the necessary tools to really make some wonderful strides in my singing career." 


"This seminar was one of the most transformative I've ever attended. The instructors & staff were pleasant, patient, knowledgeable, kind, and very, very instructive." 


"I thought all of the faculty were very well educated in the technique and presented the material with confidence & enthusiasm. I found the techniques helpful and will incorporate them info my teaching. The individual attention given was most helpful." 


"I learned that great singing can be achieved by a free, effortless technique based on breath & relaxation. I am reinvigorated about singing & can hardly wait to practice it at home. I appreciate how positive, friendly, open & encouraging the staff was to me." 

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