MCCLOSKY CLASSES: Vocal Technique, Vocal Pedagogy, and More


We offer a variety of classes for different purposes, skill and interest levels.  The Summer Seminar runs every summer in several locations; the Certification class runs on a two-year cycle; and the others are offered on an occasional basis.  Online seminars are new for 2020!

New for 2020:
Online seminars!

New for 2020, these 2-day online classes provide an inexpensive yet detailed introduction to the McClosky Technique. 


In a time when in-person learning must be suspended, improve your voice and enrich your understanding of vocal technique.  Suitable for professionals and amateurs alike! 

Vocal pedagogy
Certification Classes



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Designed for professionals who wish to teach the McClosky Technique, ​this intensive program in technique and pedagogy runs in two eleven-day sessions over consecutive summers.


Prerequisites include a degree in music; a recommendation by a CMVT; and either attendance at a Summer Seminar or private study with a CMVT.  The next 2-year cycle begins in 2021.

Relax facial muscles
Summer Seminars



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For all levels, this four day intensive program is usually offered in several locations every summer.  Lectures alternate with small-group work on individual vocal technique, and we include an opening night BBQ and a faculty recital.


Seminar participants often include amateur and professional singers, classroom teachers, people with vocal disorders, people who want to improve their speaking voices, and speech language pathologists.

choral singers
Choral Workshops

We can bring a half-day or full-day choral workshop to your area.  


Educate your amateur singers about vocal technique, and learn how better vocal technique can enable a more beautiful, youthful and blended sound.


Beginning vocal technique
One-day Workshops

These full-day workshops are for amateur singers and others who would like an introduction to the McClosky Technique and to good vocal practices.  


This low-cost program is offered from time to time in various locations, depending on faculty availability.


Your voice at its best
Master Teacher Training

This program runs infrequently, and is by invitation only to CMVTs interested in teaching our Certification classes.  


Prerequisites include Certification and experience teaching our Summer Seminars.