Designed for voice professionals who wish to teach The McClosky Technique, ​this program includes two online classes, private lessons both online and in person, and two seven-day sessions in consecutive summers.


Prerequisites include a degree in music; a recommendation by a Certified McClosky Voice Technician; and either attendance at a Summer Seminar or private study with a CMVT.


Certification has three goals:

  1. To instill in you a personal mastery of  The McClosky Technique, both in speaking and in singing

  2. To develop in you the ability to teach our method well, both in the studio and in the classroom 

  3. To give you a thorough knowledge of vocal anatomy, physiology, and vocal disorders, as well as an understanding of the issues involved when working with other voice professionals


“The McClosky Seminar and CMVT Certification course opened my eyes to a solid and unique technical approach to singing and teaching. These invaluable tools were not available to me when I trained 35 years ago and, although not new, are still unknown to far too many in the profession.”
– Paul Elliott, CMVT, Professor Emeritus, Early Music Institute, Indiana University


“The McClosky Institute of Voice has been a tremendous help to me personally and to my students as they benefit from what I have learned. As an active teacher and performer, I have gained a new ‘lease’ on my singing life with the immense freedom and flexibility of the McClosky technique. I highly recommend the McClosky program, technique, and philosophy of voice to anyone at any level who desires to truly realize the full potential of their voice.”
– David G. Parker, CMVT,  Music Faculty, Bob Jones University


“After singing 30 years professionally without any vocal complaints, I was a little skeptical about the McClosky Technique and what it would bring me. I had a very caring, wonderful teacher, who gave me a solid vocal technique based on many of the principles on which the McClosky Technique is based.

     My goal in life has always been to sing to the best of my ability. Still on that journey, I feel that becoming a CMVT has opened my eyes and ears to new possibilities. I am excited about the changes that I have experienced and am eager to pass this on to my students. I am very proud to have become a CMVT colleague.”

James D. Frost, CMVT, Music Faculty, Lee University


"About 15 years ago, I thought I would have to quit teaching because by March of the school year I could not sing. Through the McClosky technique I learned to speak differently and found a much more relaxing technique for singing. I am still teaching strong and sharing the technique with my students. It is a life saver."  

– Bob McKenzieSullivan, CMVT, Choir and Drama teacher,  Pope John Paul II High School, Lacey, WA

  • Would you like to learn The McClosky Technique thoroughly, so you can sing and speak easily using it, and teach it to others?

  • Are you interested in studying vocal anatomy and physiology in detail?

  • Would you like to learn about vocal disorders and how to approach them in the studio?

  • Do you have a music degree or other significant experience as a voice professional?


The course consists of individual and group lessons, lectures, exams, and follow-up assignments during the year between courses; this structure helps you to attain mastery of the techniques by Year 2, and to develop an assured teaching manner.


Frequent interaction, evaluation, and supportive feedback assure your progress. Our faculty provides individualized technical instruction, oral and written, throughout the course.


Each year's class consists of two online courses,

voice lessons, and a seven-day in-person session.

Year 1 (2019)
• Introduction to Vocal Anatomy and Physiology

  (online course with on-site review and exam)
• Introduction to Voice Disorders

  (online course with on-site review and exam)
• The Speaking Voice

• Articulation

• Voice Lessons (online and in person)

• Observation of the Summer Seminar

Year 2 (2020)
• Advanced Topics in Vocal Anatomy and Physiology

  (online course with on-site review and exam)

• Recognition of Voice Disorders and their Interventions

  (online course with on-site review and exam)

• Knowledge of Health Laws and Medical Ethics

• Voice Lessons (online and in person)

• Supervised teaching of the Summer Seminar

• Performance at Summer Seminar's recital/demo

2019 CLASS

2019 will be the first year with online classes. 

• The  Anatomy/Physiology I online class will launch in January of 2019.

• The Voice Disorders I online class will launch in March of 2019.

• Our 2019 on-site session will be on the lovely campus of Furman University in Greenville, SC, July 7-13.

To apply for admission, download the document at the end of this paragraph. An application form, $25 application fee, transcript for the most recent degree attained, and a recommendation form from a CMVT are due by April 15, 2019, or earlier if you wish to begin the online classes before this date.   DOCUMENTS HERE.

Fee Schedule for 2019

• Anatomy/Physiology I course:   $300

• Voice Disorders I course:   $300

• Online voice lessons:   $200

• Seven-day onsite session:   $1,400

• Room and board:   $550

Fees for each online component are due before beginning the component.  Onsite fees are due by July 1st.

Graduate Credit is available from Northwestern State University of Louisiana at a cost of $100 per credit hour; you may elect up to 4 credit hours for the course.   CEUs are also available for a small fee.


For further information, please contact Vice President Jay Lane, 978-897-5372.

Maria Argyros

 Jay Lane

Mathew Rippere   

James Frost  


Vice President  



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