This weekend program is for those who have already taken the Summer Seminar, or who have some familiarity with the McClosky Technique.  

This class is currently being redesigned and is not available this year.


The McClosky Seminar Level II is a weekend program focused on developing your personal vocal technique.  

It is open to all who have taken Seminar Level I, and to students who already have some familiarity with the McClosky Technique.


This class is being redesigned. 
Below is the old schedule.



9:00: Introduction
9:30: Revisiting the McClosky Technique
10:30: Small Groups: Basic Techniques
11:45: Lunch on your own
12:45: Lecture: Working on Repertoire
1:45: Private Lessons
4:00: Small Groups: Mini-lessons
5:30: Finish



9:00: Lecture: Vowels and Consonants
10:00: Small Groups: Articulation and Repertoire
11:00: Private Lessons
12:00: Lunch on your own
1:30: Private Lessons
2:45: Small Groups: Repertoire
4:00: Informal Recital (for all who wish to perform)
5:30: Finish



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"Friendly and supportive staff and participants.  I had a great time!"


"Can we do this again?  Please!"


"Staff is phenomenal!  Thank you!  Thank you!"


"An unusual opportunity to study in one place with some of the best clinicians in the U.S."


"I really enjoyed the support and freedom of the small group sessions.  It was astounding to hear the improvement in sound with such tiny adjustments!"

Maria Argyros

 Jay Lane

Mathew Rippere   

James Frost  


Vice President  



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