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Nicole Horsman

2715 Cozumel Drive, Apt. 1706

Melbourne, FL 32935


Nicole Horsman


Nicole Christina Horsman, CMVT ’22, soprano, was called to pursue vocal health as her career after having suffered and recovering from vocal fold nodules caused by over-efforted singing in high school. She worked with an SLP to recover her speaking voice and with a CMVT to recover her singing voice. Her journey to healthy voice use inspired her to help others with similar problems.


With a BA in Music Education from Salve Regina University (Newport, RI), she is currently pursuing an M.S. in Communication Sciences and Disorders from Baylor University (Waco, TX), where she is combining vocal and medical courses with practical clinical hours working with voice patients. At SRU, she was an honors student and held leadership positions in many campus music organizations including the NAfME Eastern Division. She gained experience as a student music teacher in the Newport County school systems with primary, middle, and secondary pupils, and as an individual voice instructor for high school students.


She has singing experience in choral, A Capella, and small ensemble settings, in addition to solo work at the university level and in the community. She enjoys singing varied repertoire, though her love is classical style. Nicole is following her personal mission to be a part of the vocal recovery team for those who need it and to pass on her personal gratitude for what she received. Nicole is currently located in Melbourne, Florida.

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