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Eleanor Martino

1 Carberry Road

Pinkiehill Farmhouse

Inveresk, Scotland EH21 7TL


Eleanor Martino


Eleanor Martino, MA, CCC-SLP, CMVT, is a speech-language pathologist with specialized training as a voice therapist and singer. She is also certified in the McClosky Voice Technique, a method which helped her recover her own speaking and singing voice.

With her clinical knowledge of the normal and disordered voice, training in vocal performance and vocal pedagogy, extensive continuing education and personal experience recovering from a voice disorder, Eleanor uses a comprehensive approach to restore, free, train and preserve the voice.  


Eleanor has recently moved to Edinburgh, Scotland with her family, and she continues to advise people on the use of the McClosky Technique in restoring their voices.  She looks forward to working more with the McClosky Institute in the future. 


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