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David Webb

1102 Dean St., Apt. 8

Brooklyn, NY 11216


David Webb​

David Webb, CMVT ‘17, baritone, graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Vocal Performance and in Music Business from Adams State University in 2016. While attending Adams State University, he participated in Concert Choir, Chamber Choir, and their vocal jazz group, 68 West.


After graduating, David moved to Brooklyn, New York in pursuit of more performance opportunities as a singer-songwriter. Under the moniker “Dovi J”, David combines piano and vocals to present an easy-listening sound for the audience. With the help of a loop pedal, David can, in live performances, build up to six or seven voices to create the effect of a harmonizing chorus. Being a loop artist has helped differentiate David from his former songwriting style, and has helped him begin to find his niche.


Becoming certified as a CMVT has assisted David tremendously as a singer-songwriter, as the McClosky relaxation technique has helped to keep his vocal tension to a minimum, and has helped to increase his vocal stamina. As he is often surrounded by other singer-songwriters, he finds himself teaching them McClosky techniques, too. Though he may not be teaching in a classroom, David is able to impart the knowledge he has received from the McClosky technique to other singer-songwriters.

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