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Bertram Gulhaugen, MM, CMVT


1521 Broadway, Unit 816

Seattle, WA 98122


832 32nd Ave

Seattle, WA 98122

Bertram Gulhaugen


“Bertram the Voice Geek”

I could list my education credentials at this point, but what’s important here is that I tell you a little about myself. Education is just an exercise in amassing information, learning is when you apply the information in life after the education process, and any good teacher will tell you they learn while teaching. I’ve been teaching, singing, conducting, creating dreams, helping people speak and sing more confidently for over 38 years and am still going strong.

I am a bonified “voice geek” meaning that ever since I started teaching in 1984, I have been obsessed with understanding the human voice. I’ve studied the anatomy, physiology, acoustics, and psychology of how it all works, but more importantly, I’ve studied how to apply all of that science to helping people speak and sing better without making clients wade through technical terms…unless they want to; all certified at the McClosky Institute of Voice.

In 1993 I developed a non-profit 501(C)(3) amateur choral and musical theater organization called Seattle Glee Clubs where I conducted the Seattle Women’s Glee Club, the West Seattle Glee Club, The Olio Players Theatrical Troupe, and the Offbeats Vocal Jazz Ensemble. I also taught voice classes, vocal jazz workshops, and coached a variety of vocal ensembles. The whole purpose of Seattle Glee Clubs was to have fun singing and acting.

I have extensive choral, instrumental, vocal jazz ensemble, solo, and theater experience, and have presented many recitals of art song, standards, and show tunes. In addition to my own performing, I held the position of bass section leader for the Seattle Jewish Chorale from 2010 – 2013 and over the years has served as soloist/section leader and music director for synagogues, and various Christian denominations. Currently, I’m the music director at Madrona Grace Presbyterian Church in Seattle.

For the record, I earned a Bachelor of Music from Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, WA, a Master of Music from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and CMVT status from The McClosky Institute of Voice.

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