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Aleksandra Donato

Martha's Vinyard, MA


Aleksandra Donato


My aim as a teacher is to provide students with a space of non judgement where they can be present and gain confidence in being fully expressive in sharing themselves with the world through their voice. No matter what the level, age, or genre, helping them to believe in their artistic goal and find creative paths for them to reach it.


Aleksandra has taught in several music education facilities throughout Massachusetts, including both private studio and classroom settings. She has experience teaching ages 3-80, each with differing genres, levels, and goals ranging from college audition prep, to a high school Artist in Residence Program, to performing CCM artists, to private studios with recitals.


After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Vocal Performance from Westfield State University and started teaching at a studio, she noticed a gap in the style of music her students wanted to sing, and what she studied in college—studying classical repertoire alone did not prepare for the real world of what her students wanted to sing. So she began searching for knowledge of how to bridge the gap and be able to better teach CCM styles. She became a Certified McClosky Voice Technician in 2015. Completed the CCM Vocal Pedagogy Institute of Shenandoah Conservatory for sessions I, II, and III in 2016 and completed the Somatic Voicework™ The LoVetri Method Levels I, II, and III in 2017. She considers Voice Pedagogy and voice science a fascination and is always interested in staying updated with any changing information and learning different voice trends. This includes a large interest in the application of gender affirming voice work with using the McClosky Technique.


She currently teaches private voice lessons virtually, which has helped her gain a larger span of access to students and keep a student base while traveling and residing on Martha’s Vineyard, MA. While she was brought up with classical tradition, she now enjoys singing CCM and writing her own music and primarily teaches CCM students. She enjoys having the ability to adapt to different music genres and vocal styles. Her performance experience is largely involved with her favorite thing - community music theater. Bringing music performance to the community with people who feel like a “music family” is one of her favorite parts about performing. 


My goal is to help students see that they do not already have to be at any certain level to enjoy their voice. Truly anyone can learn to sing. 

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