Enhancement of the healthy voice

Empowerment for the troubled voice

Efficient Vocal Production and Help for Voice Disorders — Where Science Meets Art!

mcclosky_home_page_imageFounded in 1979, the McClosky Institute of Voice is a non-profit organization devoted to the enhancement of healthy voice use and the improvement of functional voice disorders without surgery.  Our purpose is to continue David Blair McClosky’s work in the field of voice teaching and in the world of the voice team.

The goal of the McClosky Technique is functional efficiency: coordinating the different parts of the vocal mechanism so that, whether in song or in speech, each part of the body is doing its proper job, with little or no effort wasted.  We teach a series of exercises to release counter-productive tensions, a stance that promotes efficient, easy breathing, and an easy onset of tone.

We are Certified McClosky Voice Technicians: voice teachers with training in the McClosky Technique, in vocal anatomy and physiology, and in vocal disorders.    A few of our members studied with McClosky himself, and the rest have all completed an intensive training course.  To learn more, you can buy our book, attend our classes, or find a teacher near you.

information on our workshops and seminars, including costs and scheduling information is available by clicking on our Summer Seminars,Choral Fitness Workshops or CMVT Course links.