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Margaret M. Tartaglia

3 Manila Street

Worcester, MA 01602


Margaret M. Tartaglia


Margaret M. Tartaglia, CMVT-Master Teacher, holds a combined BM degree in Music Education and Vocal Performance and an MA in Health Advocacy.  She has completed post-grad coursework for Vocal Pedagogy, Opera Performance and Communication Disorders. She holds a certificate of study in Opera from the Bel Canto School of Music in Busseto, Italy.  While in Italy, she studied with renowned opera personalities Carlo Bergonzi and Renata Tebaldi.  As a professional opera singer, she was featured in lead roles in Europe and the United States. 

Ms. Tartaglia has been a Certified Music Educator, choral director and conductor for over 45 years. She has taught in the Elementary and Secondary systems as well as in Higher Education and Adult Learning programs.  

Presently Ms. Tartaglia is Adjunct Professor of Voice at Assumption College in Worcester, MA, where she teaches courses in Applied Voice, and Vocal Health and Pedagogy in the Department of Art/ Music/Theatre.  She also serves as Singing Voice Specialist to Dr. Ralph Iannuzzi of Harvard Vanguard Medical Center in Boston, MA.  As a member of his Vocal Health Team, she works with singers and professional voice users who have vocal disorders.  Ms. Tartaglia is also on the list of Singing Voice Specialists for several prominent laryngologists in the city of Worcester and the Boston area.

Ms. Tartaglia received her Certification from the McClosky Institute of Voice in 2006 and was invited to become a Master Teacher in 2011.  She developed and currently teaches the Disorders and Dysfunctions course for CMVT Certification.

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