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McClosky Summer Seminar Schedule

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Day 1

3.30 p.m. Registration
4:00        Welcome and Introduction
4:15        About David Blair McClosky
4:30        Lecture 1 - Biomechanics of the Voice
6:00        Get-To-Know-You Barbecue

Suggested reading: David Blair McClosky - Your Voice at its Best

Day 2

9:00        Lecture 2 - The McClosky Technique
10:45       Small group instruction
12:15      Lunch
1:00        Lecture 3 - The Life Cycle of the Voice
2:30        Small group instruction
4:15        Lecture 4 - Common Voice Disorders

Day 3

9:00        Lecture 5 - Song to Speech & Care of the Voice
10:45      Small group instruction
12:15      Lunch
1:15        Lecture 6 - McClosky and Popular Styles
2:45        Small group instruction
4:30        Q&A
7:30        Faculty Recital

Day 4

9:00        Lecture 7 - How to Practice using the McClosky Technique
10:30      Small group instruction
12:00      Lunch
1:00        Small group instruction
2:45        Q&A
3:15        Seminar evaluations and certificate presentations

Note on the small group sessions:

In the small group sessions, a small number of participants (typically six or fewer) work with one or two instructors to master the basics of the McClosky technique, which includes a stance that promotes efficient breathing, and the relaxation of numerous muscles in the head and neck.  These sessions are extremely detailed, and include a great deal of guided practice.  They are designed to help you learn the technique well enough that you can continue to use it when you go home.  For many people, the small groups are the best part of the seminar -- group members become very supportive of each other, and they often learn not only from their own work, but from watching the others. Participants in a typical seminar include professional singers, people with vocal disorders, speech language pathologists, classroom teachers, and amateur singers.  Small groups are purposely mixed to include a variety of ability levels.


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